4 compelling reasons to not drink and drive

Everybody should be aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. Still, too many people operate vehicles while drinking. Thousands of people lose their lives because of car accidents every year. Here are four compelling reasons to not drink and drive.

You can go to jail

Most people cannot imagine going to jail. It lowers their reputation and is shameful for him or her. If you do any harm to other people or property while drunk, you may have to stay in jail for a longer time.


Your insurance premiums increases

If you are ever caught drinking and driving, then your insurance premium will increase. Insurance premiums are based on the risk as a driver. If a driver is at high risk of being involved in an accident, he or she must pay a higher premium. So, if you are caught drinking and driving, your insurance company will put your name under the list of high risk drivers and your insurance premiums will go higher.


You may lose your job and professional license

In some professions, drinking and driving is considered to be a serious crime. This can result in the termination of employment and cancellation of a professional license. This is particularly a concern for doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, public figures, police officers, and others. They are at the risk of losing their job license if they are caught drinking and driving.


It increases the risk of an accident

Drinking and driving increases the risk of being in an accident. You may cause injury to yourself and others because of this. You may also damage properties.


There are lots of disadvantages in drinking and driving. It puts your name in the crime record. You should avoid this and try to lead a healthy life.

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