4 tips on staying safe with rented cars

When you drive a rental car, the risk of accident is high. The main reason is that you are not familiar with the car. Here are some safety tips that you should remember when driving a rented car.

1. Check out your insurance

Check with your insurance provider and find out your current coverage for rental cars. If necessary get supplemental car rental coverage. Before you rent, know the price and also what you need to pay in case the car breaks down.

2. Don’t rent a flashy car

Choose a car that is commonly available. If you rent an expensive or flashy car then you may get lots of unnecessary attention and may attract criminals.

3. Inspect your car before renting

Before taking the car, take photos of the car so that you don’t get any damage complain that you had nothing to do with.  This will keep you safe. Check all the parts of the car, like the tires, odometer, fluid levels, etc. Make sure you learn about all the controls.

4. Rent a car with automatic locks and windows features

Automatic locks will allow you quick entry into the car. This also provides safety. You should check whether the car you are renting has this safety features. Having air conditioning in your car also keeps it safe as your have to close all your windows and no one can see you from outside.

Like other cars, wearing a seat belt is a must when driving rented cars. You should keep your doors locked all the time, because you never know someone can suddenly enter your car. People usually rent cars when they are away from home. Whichever place you rent the car from, you should learn about their road rules. This way there will be less chance of having an accident.

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