How worker’s compensation plans work in case of accidents

A worker’s compensation insurance covers any employment related injuries and illnesses. In most cases, injured employees receive workers’ compensation insurance, no matter who is to be blamed for it and this includes being injured from a car accident while on the job.  As it is a type of insurance, employees cannot sue his or her employer for the injuries. This insurance covers injuries that are due to the employees’ or employers’ carelessness.

It covers broad range of injuries, but there are some limitations. The employees are tested for drug and alcohol and if it is proved that they were under the influence of these during the time of injury, then the employees won’t get the compensation benefits. If the injuries were self inflected, then also compensation may be denied. If the employee violated any law or company policy or if he or she was not on the job at the time of the injury, then also, the worker will not be given the compensation benefits.


The workers’ compensation insurance covers medical care from the injury, replacement income, compensation for permanent injuries, benefits to survivors of those who are killed on the job and costs of retraining. This insurance does not cover pain and suffering. Most employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance; except some like the employees of the federal government who are already covered under the federal workers’ compensation insurance program.  Unfortunately, your employer may not always be willing to fulfill the claim and then you will be forced to hire a car accident attorney and start legal action to get compensation you deserve.

The injuries covered by workers’ compensation include:

  • Preexisting conditions that increases due to work; for example, back injury.
  • Injuries caused during lunch hours, breaks, at-work, etc.
  • Diseases that are caused by exposure to toxins at work.

Injuries due to physical and mental strain brought on by increased work-related stress.

If you have a claim, you first need to report it to your employer and file the claim as soon as possible. If your claims are denied, then you need to seek legal help.

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